Monday, December 9, 2013

After 10 Years, Your Cougs Are Going Bowling!

This is an inside look at the Cougars upcoming bowl game vs. Colorado State.

I was 10 years old at the time and just warming up to the thought of one day becoming a Cougar. This was the year 2003, and the last time WSU has been to a bowl game. All has been the same in the last decade, losing seasons, team discrepancies, and lack of bowl invites from the BCS Committee. All of that has been constant, until now.

The last decade has brought good moments, good players, and a few Apple Cup wins, but all in all, forgetting about the last 10 years of WSU's football seasons is what is really on everyone's minds. Although we may not ever fully forget the horrible drought our team faced in those years, a 6-6 season and a bowl bid to the New Mexico Bowl to take on Colorado State can add on a nice memory for all WSU fans to hold onto, as we begin to progress through the positive changes our football team is adhering to.

Since this is a blog post centered toward the outlook of the game, I'll pan away from the mushy stuff above. WSU comes in at a four point favorite vs. the Rams of Colorado State. I expected that line to be a little higher in regards to their conference power (Mountain West) vs. our conference power (Pac-12). There's no comparison, but hey, we'll just wait and see what the score says once the clock hits 0:00 in that 4th quarter.

The game should be very high scoring. The Rams have put up more than 50 points four times throughout the season, and WSU has also had their share of high scoring games in this Air-Raid potent offense by Mike Leach. The Rams also come into the game nearly dead last in passing defense in all of the FBS. I wonder if they've seen film on Halliday and his 80 pass attempts a game?

All in all, I'm very excited to have our school called and invited to partake in our first bowl game in 10 years. Although it's against a very substandard opponent, I'd love to start out our new "Mike Leach Era" with a win under our belts from our first bowl game with him under the helm. Make sure to check in on the action December 21st on ESPN.



-Brandan Eckhardt

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