Friday, December 6, 2013

Bowl Eligible Cougars Await the Call to Play

Washington State University has a football team to be proud of again. For the first time since 2006, the Cougars are bowl eligible. The only obstacle left for WSU is being chosen for a bowl game.
Back in 2006, the Cougars were skipped over for postseason play. The team’s last bowl appearance was in 2003 against the University of Texas in the Holiday Bowl.
“For some of the smaller bowl games, they look for teams that can score 50-plus points to get fans to want to tune in,” said radio host, Justin Rice.
One aspect of the bowl selection process is making sure both team’s have fans that will want to travel and fill up the stadium. Money, specifically ticket sales, helps teams sell a bowl on picking their team.
“I don’t think the Cougars will have any trouble filling a stadium, they’re fans have been waiting 10 years to go to a bowl. If given the opportunity, Cougar fans will find a way to the stadium one way or another,” said radio host Kyle Nishida.
Rice and Nishida disagree on the Cougars offensive needs, but on defense they both think the linebackers need to step up and make plays.
“They just seemed to disappear in the Apple Cup. You need to be able to stop the run, and the linebackers are the key to halting a good running game,” said Rice.
Even if the Cougars aren’t chosen for a bowl, Nishida will be waiting and watching the quarterback battle going into next season.
“After his performance against Arizona and Utah, Connor Halliday may be the favorite for the job, but I think the Cougars best chance is going with Redshirt Freshman Tyler Bruggman,” said Nishida. 
With an offense that can score and fans that will cram the stands it will be tough for a bowl sponsor to overlook this WSU team. 
-Matthew Zimmer

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